Apr07 Meeting Report.
APRIL 2007 - Eating Out

Those in attendance in body :


General text to fill the other wise big hole in the middle of the report :

Meet started off ok, no turned up until about 7:20 anyhow, only Karamoon, Bal & I where present and thinking it was going to be a small meet, when the rest all arrived at the same time. Managed to get a seat in the Old Stock, no one had a pen even though I managed to get the paper (Thanks West Midlands Travel).
No notes where taken so I am writing this at 11:48 totally from RAM.
Some discussion took place mostly relating to the banking system and how not to become a victim of fraud in this now most volatile of political environments or something...
Anyhow the meeting went well, upon leaving we went for a burger, Karamoon refused to have a burger because he says basically it was a load of disease in a bun, as Savvy said “You gotta die of something”.

Subjects discussed :

The E.U.
Electoral Roll
Bank accounts / Credit cards
Cordless Phones
eBay Syndrome
ViSTA, Amiga OS, Gentoo, Fedora, Centos, Puppy, Ubunto etc. etc.
Apple Macs
Wireless security problems
The ever declining cost of computer hardware
Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, Religion
Love and why it cant and don't exist
Brothels in Berlin
Financial troubles (Insolvency & Bankruptcy)
Analogue/Digital encryption schemes
OS Commerce, Cube Cart
Social Engineering as a art form

Random Quotes :

I thought you said your name was B*stard

Nvidia & AMD NO! ATI & AMD! No! S3 & Cyrix! Voodoo?

I had a CD writer many years ago, I forgot a CDR was 650Mb and I only had a 850Mb hard drive...

Atari is better than Amiga

Don't you start that I knew that would get him..

Worth a look...maybe?

DrF - See you next month.