Aug05 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Aug 2005

Brum 2600 6th Aug 2005.

In attendance:


The night began with myself (LsL) and Savvy being introduced to out new members Ian and Andy, nice to have you lads please come again. Loitering around SnowHill wondering why all the rubbish bins had been removed - after all jihadis just leave the bag under a seat - part of the war on terror I assume.


Joined by Re and onto the pub the discussion kept swinging back to EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale or Piece of Sh*t depending) A couple of attendees where quite knowledgeable about certain systems deployed in large chain stores and much information of a questionable legality was exchanged.

* *
* Brum 2600 does not commit illegal acts, nor do we condone those who do *
* We exist only for free and frank information exchangei. *
* *

Other topics where the upcoming Brumcon event and the state of the website. For the later I have been appointed webmonkey and aim to bring some degree on control to these pages.
Wifi is a popular one as was normal boring radio, both topics enhanced by zippy arrival with a large antenna thing.
Many many other things where discussed, but ive forgotten.

Ill leave you with the two quotes I managed to make a note of.

"They are cutting them off while they are penis sized."
"We drilled a hole in it and filled it with oxyacetylene......first speed camera in orbit."
Hope to see you all next month.