Aug08 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Report 2nd August 2008 - "The night of the long knives"

In attendance:-

Just Richard
2 others I forgot the names :p

Topics of discussion :

Satellite communications
Social engeneering
Virgin Media Customer Services
Freedom, democracy & self rule!!!
UK Goverment
Reasons for the lack of money in your pockets
Radio in general
Smartcards, Chip & Pin, secure entry systems
Various legal battles
Wireless, wep, Debian
Feudal Japan
You say Capitilist I say Communist...
Renewable energy
Water mills

Bit in the middle that looks like the report :

Night started off quiet and was kinda hoping it would not be like the last 2 meets (only 4 people attended and 2 got lost)
and it did not thankfully, Old Joint Stok rammed as per usual, ended up on the patio thingy where the Big Issue sellers
who don't actually have any Big Issues to sell come and sell air I guess, Richard was hard & firm.

Quite a political meet this one with various discussion taking place about all kinds of freedoms & systems and why we have
this, that and the other. Some varing degrees of strange discussion about the vaste waste that society creates and what you
as a individual can do about it.
Human nature were all greedy, lazy, selfish, pigs apprantly at some level.

Somerfield reduced all there sandwichs by 50p, a danish was 50% off at 35p credit crunch in full effect!

Quotes :

"I have many colors"
"It is more important to belive you are free than actually being free"
"Freedom, democracy & self rule"
"I'm sure i've seen all the porn on the net, all im getting is repeats now!"
"Do you actually have a Big Issue to sell?"
"You're a communist dont you belive in freedom?" "I am free as long as I do what im told."
"I have a leaflet"
"I'm gone soon so f*ck it im gonna use all the oil I can get me hands on!"

Writtern in Crimson Editor, quite nifty does C,Perl,HTML,Java etc. and fits on a floppy!

Dr. F