Dec01 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Dec 2001

December 1st. Last Brum2600 meet of this year.
By L-s-L.

Despite the frankly awful traffic on broadstreet (main route into city) I
had, by an act of god, managed to arrive at Snowhill station in plenty of
time. This was my first fatal mistake of the night. I decided to phone an ex
girlfriend of mine and she blatantly wound me up with stories of her newly
discovered lesbianism, my responses no doubt provide much entertainment
for the general, muggers, poor people and trendy clubbers who can be found
at snowhill that time of the night.

In attendance, after a while where

Me: L-s-L

Our usual pub, the comfortable, chilled hogshead was closed for a refurb, so
in desperate need of beer the small group of us wondered around aimlessly for
a while before settling down for the night in a shitty, old people only pub,
that infest areas of Birmingham. Missing all our usual creature comforts,
space, a table (or 3) power supply for the lappy and good beer, this
particular meet was a less active affair than some of the other recent

The early conversation was largely based around our recent trip to the HAL
hacker conference, and our antics while there. Especially those amongst us
how spent a lot of the time extremely stoned,*cough* or in one case shagging
the camp sites only woman. Topics also covered included, me discussing my
forthcoming Wap site (with wap irc(hopefully)!!!) and Savvy rubbing his hands with glee as I told him he would be hosting it.

SnakeBite, despite speaking about twice as fast as most normal people,
educated Bambam about the joys of Solaris assembler code, and osiris got
drunk... well drunker.

Things brightened up somewhat with the arrival of Re-Load and CyberDefient, as
the both tried to sell their respective warez, Re-Load a CD copy of 'Off the
Hook' (offloaded to me for a pint), and Def small white tablets. Thanks must
also go to Re-Load for his hardcopy of some frankly hilarious memos from a
well known telephony company.

Finally as the night drew to a close various members began to wonder off in search of a warm bed, or in the case of osiris etc, someone else’s warm bed.

Finally Re-Load, Uniquorn and Bambam dragged me off for a curry, as a result of which I was violently and dramatically sick the next morning.

Meeting report 1 L-s-L --- ---Meeting report 2 Bambam

It started looking like it would be sorry, but it picked
up as the stragglers arrived.

We have permanently moved out of the hogshead now,
and spent this meet enjoying our last meet hosted in
the pub. A better venue must and will be found.

Topics of conversation roughly followed as so: <- the transcript of a conversation between
an independent security specialist and microsoft staff
over the consequences for dos attacks of their inclusion
of raw socket api in XP and it's unpriviledged access

Windows debugging/reverse engineering with rda pro.

The black lesbian that snakebite pulled, before osi he
and ft arrived.

Rootkits on freeBSD and others.

Kernel coding. SB apparently wrote 1/2 the vibra16 driver
code for linux. (everyone hurredly looks through the
thanks to section for his docs ;)

The path from being a good user space linux author to
"knowing your shit".

USB support in Linux.

Processor architecture/SPARC assembler and docs.

WAP IRC and how darn leet lsl is.

bambam brought a camera. See the photos.

Sorry to all those who missed the free brum2600 christmas
meal (thanks reload).


As per usual our linguistically challenged and alcohol
hazed entourage have produced some corkers. Apologies to
any i missed.

"Stainless ported the java libraries to assembler" - SB

(part of an explaination, not an argument)
"...because Linux *is* gay..." - SB

(repeatedly) "Because you're a pill head" - lsl

(with school-girl like defiance)
"It's a mile and i'm not walking that far" - lsl
(and if we make him he'll presumably tell on us)

"They don't know what they're saying yes to if you ask
fast enough" - Uniqhorn

"There's no point going with one (a female) who'll just
say yes to everything" - Uniqhorn

"Not a shotput in sight" - lsl (with reference to a
picture of an eastern european lady)

"Something smells really good" - Uniqhorn

Relevant links
(Then go to and read the advert "surprise
someone with XP this christmas) <- search the abi. (application binding

Relevant hardcopy
"Operating Systems - Design and Implementation" by

"Solaris internals" - Morro and McDougal