Dec02 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Dec 2002

7th December 2002

Right I'm back to usually this month and I'm going to try and throw together a decent report.

The last Brum2600 meet of 2002 attracted just 3 regulars all others missing, presumed lame. The 3 who had the 0-day necessary to attend where.....

L-s-L (Thats Me!)

Those of you who couldn't be arsed, missed a night of much 'leetness and good pizza.

The small numbers and our general idleness and hunger meant we gave up on our usual haunt, the Darwin and instead went to pizza hut, where we passed the night gorging ourselves on some excellent pizza and endless refills of Pepsi.

Topics on the agenda included next years BrumCon: Return of the Fed guy. and the ideas we had for various talks and events.

This sort of indirectly led into a discussion on telemetry and Bluetooth, which we decided would be the ideal communication standard for a favourite topic of ours.........Open D: Cyber Dildonics for the GNU generation. Stay tuned for a developers/users site for Open D to be launched in the new year.

On a more serious note we discussed server side security implementations and the various tools and hardware available even to a small ISP. Large corporations really have no excuse for all these constant script kiddie attacks, (maybe stop running NT* boxes with no firewall).

Sticking with what is largely a windoze problem, although I'm sure a badly set up Linux box could be equally vulnerable. The conversation moved on to the next generation of pop up ad diallers that automatically dial a premium rate a or overseas number. With an increasing number of people on broadband pipes this is an area that needs a far greater awareness.

Another irritation that took up some bitching time was the constant deluge of spam received daily in all our inboxes. Everyday we all receive mail from strange Nigerian men, positively begging to give us some money and dodgy Mexican doctors promising to improve your man-hood. Methods of dealing with the above where briefly covered.

On a personal note. On behalf of myself and the Brum2600 Crew I'd like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and hopefully I'll see you all in the New year.

Quotes of the night include......

"You're not evil, just mildly demonic" --Zipser

"Alex has got the hardware" --L-s-L on Cyber D

"An Open D party" --Zipser

"Thats one for HAL04" --L-s-L