Dec03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Dec 2003

The last Brum2600 meet of 2003, went with a party atmosphere rather than the usual sense of 'leetness. A slightly smaller attendance than was hoped for, was balanced out with the arrival of 3...yes 3 new attendees. Nice to have you guys hopefully see you in the new year.

Those in attendance

L-s-L (Me, the author of these badly spelled reports with crap grammar)
??? Sorry mate didn't get your name (Editor could you fill the gap??)


# "For the next HAL get T-Shirts saying 'I slept with Captain Crunch'" --Anon on been cuddled by the captain at HAL2001.

"How about Captain Crunch blew my whistle"

"I don't have a supercomputer in my pocket"
"Ahh so you must just be pleased to see me"
# --One of the more surreal exchanges of the night.

"Ive got to stand on two steps because on is wobbling."
# --Intoxicated brum regular.

"My name is Re-Load, and I'm an alcoholic"

"He wants a lesbian adaptor for the wife."
# --Again due to intoxication this should be translated as a female to female adaptor for WiFi.

"Even when drunk I can still maintain my thread"

As shown by the quotes, the main focus of the night was getting variously intoxicated and acting like a fool.

Standard disclaimer applies of course: Nothing illegal (hmm) ever happens at Birmingham 2600 and we neither support or condone any illegal activity.

Serious topics of the night, before everyone got too wasted focused on civil liberties and draconian laws, of which the UK has many.

RFID tags (see came under discussion and the means for destroying them. As far as I know they can be microwaved or crushed. Crushing is OK if you can find them, but microwaving may be the best option. This lead to thoughts on how big a microwave you would need to zap your chair and how you would cope with any metal. It was suggested that circumnavigating RFID tags may be illegal under the newly introduced EUCD act (a DMCA act for Europe).

Sticking with the privacy theme, mobile phone tracking was discussed, and how it had been used in recent criminal investigations. It is believed that assuming the phone is in reach of 3 base stations your position may be determined to within 1 inch. Scarily it was also suggested that some newer phones are able to keep in touch with base stations even when switched off. Removing the battery is the only solution.

That was pretty much it, the rest of the time was spent chatting and getting variously intoxicated, and discussing why L-s-L is a pussy because he wouldn't go for a curry.

Have a good Christmas and I'll see you all in the new year.