Dec07 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Report 1st December 2007

In attendance:-

Just Richard
Sneeky Russian

Topics of discussion.

Savvy's new Vista crippled laptop and it 3 Netwrong HSDA
Sneeky and his Tablet PC and whooo it's twisty top
DR_F and his TV Licence and ID

The price of beer and who let all the amateurs into the pub, it's so hard
getting a pint these days. Dr_F did promise to buy everyone a pint but
alas it was just a dream. How good and how easy is it to fiddle
fingerprinting was a light hearted look at this clandestine world!!
Resolution of the human eye compared to that of modern PC's conclusion was
dont get older than 40. Sneeky was playing with his pen (Scratching his
Tablet) whilst Phased was trying his best to break his biometrics. We
endevoured to find out why the pub was so busy, it was so busy Dr_F
couldn't reach the bar. though one could say it helps if one gets out of
the seat. Tonight's report will be rather short due to the limited battery
life on Vista Machines, though I do expect things to improve with a few
cycles of the charger and a decent Linux distro installed.

Sneeky's Tablet PC was a good source of entertainment when Just Richard
tried his hand at writing recognition. in it came out as init. This lead
on to a discussion on Chavs and the like before he went of to be a
political exileist as he crept out for a smoke.

OMG Dr_F has gone to the bar, shame it was with my money but at least he
went! We then set about discussing the sanity of Dr_F and decided he was
funny but stark raving bonkers. Let it be known that had he existed 30 yrs
ago he would have been locked up. Hoora for freedom of expression. (If lsl
dosen't delete this he is a twat) Phased has given up smoking, this then
equated to a 50/50 split on the smoking for and against lobby. let it be
known Brum2600 disaproves of the smoking ban in pubs and clubs. (Eating
angel cake is so fattening). The smoking group discussed BBC basic, plus
random hardware, seems the nicotine clouded the recall memory and further
details were hard to come by.

Please note Sneeky Russian was still scratching his tablet some hour and a
half later. A discussion then took place on linux routers and how to load
balance, spoofing a node on the internet or not as the case may be even
cisco got a mention in this one. Dr_F needs more pron hence the


I Turned it 180!
Some arseholes are bigger than others (refering of course to George
Orwells 1984).
Are you sure that paper won't slow it down?
I only carry cash in case something happens to me (Refering to stricking
it lucky)
Nipples are the answer (Make your own mind up)
Savvy is a flower! (Refering of course to the windows version).

Sent live from the meet at 22:20hrs 1/12/07

Compiled and unchecked by Savvy