Feb02 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Feb 2002

This meet was a vast improvement over last months in that, due to new
locations, in the brum2600 triangle this meet had a far better attendance
that some more recent events.

We had......

*=Regular Member

/=New Recruit

<=Occasional Visiter


Me:L-s-L *

Bambam *

Re-Load *

Fizzy *

Savvy *

Zipser *

MuFtAk (M)

Al-De-Large <

Tiger <

[Pink] < Former Regular, since rejoined

Braket / From San Fransisco, now Brum resident

Leery / From Bristol

Aquarius / From Wolves LUG

To begin with I think its probably worth getting the nessasary quotes over
and done with...

"Muftak, Hes just a lame kiddy"
Al-De-Large <<--Cough, Irony, Cough-->>

"Not a Shit sandwhich, a whole shit bakery"

"We found a place with free internet but the music is really fucked"
Tiger [in sexy russian accent]

"I was thinking of going into Uni, holding the CD up, and shouting who wants
to buy some porn."
Myself(L-s-L) [On possible idea to make some cash]

"Beasty stuff they [the police] dont care, its only the kiddy stuff they
care about."

"[Pinks] Muff"

"Muftak, I thought that was a bot"
Originator unknown

"Any Requests" Reload goin to the bar.
"Yeah tell 'em not to use DOS" Al.
*brief pause*
"Or Redhat" Aquarius.

And now the Report...

Firstly shock horror, gasp etc i wasnt the only person to arrive on time,
and by a few minutes past 7:30 everyone mentioned above had turned up, and
hung around in a scary looking cluster by the silver man (see pic).

As with last meet the first stop on the brum triangle tour was the 'Dot Com
Cafe' on the cities Broad Street. Different meet, same problems. The now
infamous "Dont use DOS man" made a reappearance, this time however from a
ignorant bouncer type, not the Manager/Owner. Towards the end of our time in
'dot com' as we started to notice the hostile glances of the (fit) staff,
the afor mentioned bouncer, leaned over myself and fizzys PC and informed us
that if we didnt stop using DOS (it was telnet) he would turn the computer
off. We both tried in vain to explain but he continued threatoning us. When
I questioned him, he pulled himself up to his full height (5'7") and
developed an agressive tone. I pulled myself up to my full height (6'5") and
continued to question his ignorance, thankfully he left. We all decided that
this would also be a good move on our part as well.

The next stop in the brum2600 triangle tour was the next door McDonalds It
was at this point, while muttering (and shouting) vile threats against
stupid cyber cafe bouncers, we decided it would be amusing to engage in
coversation and photograph two of brums thin blue line (see pic).

So now fed and watered, and somewhat less enraged we moved on to the final
stop of the evening, the Darwin Pub. Brief amusement en-route was provided
by a road sign declaring the cities convention center car park has 2600
spaces. (see Pic).

The conversations in the pub once again ranged from the serious and topical
to the completly ireverant. Once again I seemed to mostly involved in the
completly ireverant ones. I believe Bambams report contains the serious

For the second month in a row cyberdildonics made a reapperance, for those
of you who may have read last months report, yes I have written a parallel
port interface program, and yes if you wish it may be used in
cyberdildonics. Myself, Reload, Fizzy had a long, indepth discussion on
parallel port control and cyber dildonics, the testing of the
afformentioned. [Pink] however listened in discust. I would like to take
this opertunity to appologise to Pink for my crude language and abscene
behavour with her mobile phone case. I also want to point out that my
parallel port programing was not intended for cyberdildonics, and will
accept no liability when the code is published.

The highlight, of the evening was a talk and slide show about telephony
equitment, the pictures of which all showed the brum2600 logo prominently
displayed. This was a small taster for BrumCon 2: Son of Con. Which is
planned for the spring.

War Driving and wireless networks also made a reapearance, much time given
over to the security aspects and also the possible (if unconvential) uses.

As previouly mentioned, far more serious and important discussions took place,
its just that I cant be bothered to cover them here.

Thanks to all who attended. See you in March.




Report 2

Report of Febuary Birmingham 2600 meeting.

In attendance:

Fizzy <-- nearly redeemed from his last two no-shows
"I dunno werk it out -- Re-"
Tiger ;)

Meeting at the silver man we took a photo (Note the difference between the
photo count and the number of people above as some people hadn't yet
arrived, and others were camera shy (although quite rediculously, as the
only people who might care no doubt have access to the hundreds of CCTV
cameras we passed through)). Brief talks on mobile networks security,
mobile worms, 3G setup and services, and IP over mobile.

Fizzy was late due to train-age, muftak was late due to goth-age, and when
eventually we were one and all we moved off to the dot comm cafe.

On arriving we found a now empty (for the introductory offers had now died
a death) cyberbar. Despite the charges, we drank and surfed with the
security (physical security) staff looking over our shoulders every few
seconds intersecting with the occational "Don't use dos" (which Aquarius
later pointed out was quite a good idea). Again, despite us trying to
explain that "dos" (the XP command shell) was just another way of using
the computer, and did not allow us to do anything more than using the GUI
or that this was putty, we weren't talking to this machine but to another
in a different part of the world, they weren't having anything. Attempts
to speak to the manager failed (is he ever in?). The ADSL router's web
interface was still open as smeg and despite the apparent lameness of the
whole operation (i seriously doubt that they can say "key logger"), we
still used skey for shell access.

Although the long walk up to dot comm had given plenty of time for the
unaquanted atendees to get aquanted, most of the conversations were social
- although bambam and bracket discussed tunnelling over http under the
ever scrutinous presence of Aquarius.

Eventually the will ran out and we left the dot comm in favour of
McDonalds (the second apex of the brum2600 triangle). A couple of our
number then chatted up the two policemen who were requisitioning some of
the greese they sell in there, managing to swindle a photo with them. Four
consciencious objectors to McD's waited outside and talked about technical
stuff (exactly what eludes my hazed mind).

Scoffing the food on the way to the Darwin pub (formally not the Crown ;)
we saw our sign (see the photo).

We sat in the back and chatted on:
the webcafe,
MAC address changing,
Wireless encryption,
IPsec (bambam brought a printout of the Open and NetBSD IPsec FAQs,
phone network equipment.


This month's quotes were mostly and strangely intentional:

(sung) Al-*****
(spoken) He's a shop keeper
(sung) Al-*****
(spoken) Don't use dos man
(sung) Al-*****

(while off to the bar) Any special requests?
Yeah, tell them not to use dos.
Or Red Hat..... Or OS/2. Or Netware.

We ph33r AlDelarge's attempt at re-defining irony:
(with Muftak listening) yeah, muftak; he's just a lame kiddy

not a shit sandwich, more like a shit orchard.

It is somtimes difficult to understand what tiger says, as she has a
Russian-Scandonavian accent, but one phrase burst through the language
barrier and the silence:

(in foreign accent) We found a place with free internet, but the
music was really fucked.

I was thinking of going to uni, holding a cd up and shouting "who
wants to buy some porn"

Beastie stuff they (the police) don't care, it's just kiddy
stuff they care about.

Well, so he hopes anyway :)

It was really great to see so many people at brum2600 - a meeting which
has been under threat of dying a death in the past is now a thriving,
living success. Thanks to all.