Jan05 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Jan 2005

In attendance:

enyo(probably... not sure)


8th Jan 2005 Meet Meet started with the attendance of nan0 and aie, abnormally early especially due to the fact it was nan0's first time to drive to the meet, and my navigation is terrible. After waiting around for a while, reading the many brochures and being dive bombed by pigeons (perhaps relaying TCP over pigeon packets?), we were joined by bin2hex and enyo who came equipped with many laptops and with news of free wifi internet in the ground floor of a local shop (beaties I believe, but don't quote me). Then after a few more minutes we were joined by phased. We continued to wait until half past but after a few phone calls it seemed no-one else would turn up, and as to our suspicions, no-one else did.

A short walk for three and a not so short drive due to the stupid one-way system in Birmingham we arrived at the newly named "The Corner House", nothing special inside changed... so apparently it was a surplus of money in the pub that they thought they'd use to change the sign.

We started by discussing the security flaws in the 2.4-2.6 Linux kernel as it was the reason for the lack of savvy at the meeting, compromised servers it seems are not that easy to fix, especially if you compile the kernel with the wrong file system.

A short questioning was made to who would like to be in attendance of HEX2005 from the brum2600 group, and I got the picture, that funds dependant, everyone in attendance would be travelling to the camp site. Even though camping isn't everyone's cup of tea. And it was decided that a pimping area would have to be created for brum2600 with marble flooring and a hot tub, with preferably a 1gig fiber line all to ourselves...

A very food-themed meeting as we noted sweet chilli crisps were spreading over the table and how they must be some kind of virus to be able to do this, and the obvious resistance of two of the attendees must be due to them updating their anti-virus. This was continued by the subject of cheese and marmalade sandwiches and a desperate attempt to try and relate it to computers, and failing. Until we mentioned IPv6 and wondered if we could make enough cheese and marmalade sandwiches to fill every address space, probably not.

Also a short convocation on low level hardware brought us to talk about the way async. processing works and every way we thought needed a clock, so probably a good job we're not designing them really. Also discussing cell processing which is apparently in the PS3 which is distributed processing very low down in the architecture, not entirely sure why.. but there you go. It was decided the processor designers have no social life what so ever and are really sad electrician guys, but without them we'd have nothing to do.

Moving back into the world of computing we were informed about sun's lg3d, which provides a 3d desktop environment where you can do cool things such as flip screens and write notes on the back of websites, and an ingenious new methods of storing your music collection. This is still in development and not released, but is open source, as it should be. (https://lg3d.dev.java.net/ Normal disclaimer about we can't be held responsible for any external site, it's content or anything it might do to you.)

A small meeting came to a close fairly rapidly with everyone departing around ten.