Jan07 Meeting Report.
January 2007 - The curse of the 50pence piece

Those in attendance in body :

RunData and Co. (still don't know that other dudes name, email us!)
2 other dudes did not catch there name.

Those in attendance in spirit form only :

L-S-L (Without him I have to actually do something!)

Quite frankly this meet was part of the worst dam night of my life. First of all in a effort to save money I decide to get
a bus, never mind the fact I been saving up ALL month to pay for a taxi (which is 6-8GBP BTW), anyhow I missed the first bus
6:08 my ass! the 2nd bus did not turn up (6:15), the 3rd bus which I guess is now the 2nd bus was late 6:30!
I mean judging by the time table there was also another bus missing anyhow!
Anyhow my fear of buses is a well documented fact, because EVERYTIME I get on a bus something happens to me GURANTEED!
So im sitting on a bus when 3 Somalians start hassling me for 50p, 50 f*cking P man!!! anyhow a slight argument ensues and
they f*ck off, barely being able to speak Enlish was a major hassle for 'em. That was THE first time I had been on a bus
in about 4yrs because of crap like that...anyhow the next part of my mission was to 'phone-home' and the phone box stole
50p off me!!! I could not belive it, what are the chances. I was late too and got to Snowhill at around 19:11 according to
the train clocks which are probly as much use as that god dam bus time table I had!

By the time I arrived we had got some new visitors one even travelled far, all the way from Evesham (they have a Tescos there),
another of the new arrivals had a hat and a tshirt. In protest at the unbelivable crap night I had encounted thus far, it was suggested by ReLoad to make all the other retrobates
fill in there own dam report, all I had was a piece of A4 I found in the car park and a pen from a Christmas cracker and thus
they did, not very good but what you expect really no time for anything that looks like real work around here.

All the usual rants went on all night, TV laws, HAM radio, Why everyone should use some kind of *nix for no reason other
than the fact its there.

Binary Sheep went away, his lift did not turn up, he returned, then he went again, thats all I have to say on that, I
mean what you expect me to say really? It's not like he went off to play that god forsaken World Of Warcraft or something
and then snuck back in like some kind of addict is it?

Not much else to report as the notes where crap, and I was not paying attention anyhow. Plus, the fact certain people
have been bitching in IRC for a complete report, which is unusal as theres usually no one in IRC to bitch at!
So this report has been rushed so thats the reason for it being crapper than usual.

Subjects discussed :

Moomins Number
ViSTA (Its crap)
PiCS (Them microcontroller thingys)
XGL and why its as crap as ViSTA (Almost, apprantly, alledgely or something)
Hitting Macs to change the OS
Linux in schools
Pass Port security
How RunDatas name is actually spelt as rundata or else he goes wild, and well no one cares, and if anyone else moans about the
spelling in this report they can fix it, because its hard enough to write this without a word processor as is it! (Yes I am using line numbers in ASCII)

OpenOffice.org is Cool
Hackers the movie sucks (Tron FTW apprantly, yet note the 12yr old A0L3r speak thrown in there FTW...dear oh dear...)
Telewest (We generally dont like them, but then again no one does like them)
Getting Slashdotted
Binary Sheeps Invasion plans
SadaMasachistic Bondage ring thingys passed about (apprantly some kind of puzzle and MX has one with rope at home???)
Dice games
Rings around the road (some odd game involving dice and thinking so its stuffed there)

Random Quotes :

"I was poked with a pen?" "IT was the end of a pen?"
"Get your Windows CD, put a condom on it and f*ck it in the bin!!!!"
"Gangbangin chips!?!?!" "Yeah, you know when you get 2 or more IC's and mount the one...never mind"
"Mind ya arse!!!" followed by "2 at a time!!!" totally inrelated but when said they matched to much amusment
"Anyone who has a Mac is not worth lisenting too"
"You can't stick that up your nose!" "Why?" "Other people gotta use that!" "Oh, its no problem they can stick it up there nose too."

This report writtern in VERY bad conditons(IE Bham City Council oppresing me), im cold, hungry and this 15yr old text editor is well crap...

DrF - See you next month if im alive.