Jun06 Meeting Report.
June 2006

In attendance:

Binary Sheep

Night started with GooRoo & Binary_Sheep looking like they was begging for change. Then Dr_Frankenmiga turned up with a hat on, followed by the rest who arrived together, stood around for about 30 mins as usual. Savvy spoke continuasly of pizza, which was nice. On the way to the pub we was approched by a homeless man asking for money where upon Dr_Frankenmiga tried to offer him a choice of books (Adminstering Netware 5 or WordPerfect for Linux) needless to say he declined and we moved on.

From there we moved on to the now usual meeting place 'The Old Stock'. Where some odd topics were discussed.
At about 9:30BST we move onto some posh indian restaurant. Binary_Sheep at this point is working out how to rage war from his island fortress, extort money from the UN and hold aid workers as POW's which I must say is a fine plan.

When the night was over Binary_Sheep and DrF went the opposite way to the rest of the party who was leaving together, then Binary_Sheep was informed he had left a card in Myths vehicle so he ran back to get it and DrF was walking the same way where upon he was poked by a group of indianish girls on some kind of hen party, they asked what the hat was about but needless to say was more interested in proding me and stumbling around legless. Yet, again Binary_Sheep leaves and a bunch of hot woman turn up, we don't know why this is.

Subjects discussed :

Amature radio & the T.V Licence (Again)
Black beans
Baby selling
Re-Loads boycott of Coke a Cola products (think football)
IP over water pipe
HDTV on FreeView

Random Qoutes :

“He wants a hard time.”
“I have a Maplin catalogue next to my toilet”
“What off BitTorrent?”
“We could buy a island” this mere 1 thought has turned Binary_Sheep into a dictator
“My TLD would be .Twat.” in response to the island talk that raged for hours.
“Have they got there own Al-Qaeda Cell” followed by “Yes, you must remember terrorism is all around.” see above for more island talk.

This report made from 100% Open Source pixals – DrF see you next month ;)