Mar04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Mar 2004

Here it is:

Tomorrows JunkWe started with a rather large group (with no late comers this month) which breifly grew as Re-LoaD invited passers by to join in with the photo. We can all speculate why this was, and the more obscure you think the more likly it is to have been the adgenda. And were also joined by some friends from LUG (leading to some conficting convosations about *NIX termials, shell accounts and WIN32 programming).

Highly populated with gadgets this month including a wireless detector (very nice, I personally haven't seen one before though I knew they existed [though I don't particularly see the point as a PocketPC does basically the same job but lets you play with it afterwards]), my laptop (which supprisingly all the minds and a copy of VC++ couldn't get to crash, what an obsered thing for a Microsoft OS to do), two or three PocketPC's (which had fun playing with the laptop's bluetooth capabilities), a pile of mobile phones and various other gadget's such as the trading of a Palm between Savvy and Nan0byte. All leading to a very nice picture. *Add other stuffs here, because I sure can't think of anything. No notes this week Zipster.*

After leaving specially early for a curry so as it would not be closed we found we would have to wait so instead we travelled off in search of another curry house which was slightly closer than Sparkhill to where we had ventured last month, just after booking a table for next month so as to get in straight off. We found a very nice place just round the corner as sugested where I am informed the food was very good.