Mar06 Meeting Report.
Brum 2600 March 2006

Present and (in)correct.

Binary Sheep
Bluecool (is that right? Email me if not)

Well its been a long week and I cant remember much from the meet so I'm relying on my all too brief notes.

I know was up for discussion....suddenly everyones a critic. Come on guys if you want something put up you have to email me. Those of you that have send me workable additions will have to wait, I do have a life too! All in jest, I have some plans for the site and hope to put these into practice soon, I promise!

There was some discussion about Fedora, mostly in regards to the Kadischi project which allows Live CDs to be built. This project was used as the basis for Brumix and at least one Brum members docs are on the project page :-)

TV licensing, and the possibility that any device capable of receiving streaming video might have to have a TV license. Yeah right. Generally thought to be unworkable by the group. A few went further and decided that the TV licensing structure would soon collapse.

Towards the end of the evening, we noticed a nearby table of ugly shaven headed gentlemen looking across rather too often. We formed our own suspicions, which proved to be correct when Re-load asked them "Are you Police Officers?"............They were........the pub is round the corner from the central Police office block and they had just come off shift. Brum2600 never a dull moment!

Ahh Ive forgotten the rest, if anyone has some better notes, you know what to do. lsl2600 g mail dot com.


"We should make white dog shit"