Mar07 Meeting Report.
March 2007 - "Awash in a sea of sh*te"

Those in attendance in body :

Just Richard
Uniqhorn (ReLoads bouncer)

General text to fill the other wise big hole in the middle of the report :

A strange meet to say the least, only 5 people were present at the meeting point in SnowHill, the rest appeared at stagered intervals. We went to the Old Joint Stock, actually managed to get some seats up in the corner of the gallery, our table had tar-tar source or something... anyway when ReLoad & Savvy appeared we was told they had reserved the function room just for us

Pretty cool, meant we actually had ALOT of space, nice and quiet and it was not the usual super hot, cramped conditions we are used to and above all we could actually hear each other!

Savvy said it was cold, no matter how many times I offered him my coat he refused, that seems to be the only complaint of the night.

Sneaky arrived around 9 but its cool because he had a hat. Richard also had a hat, I should point out I had no hat.

The eclipse was well crap. Although pretty scary in some kind of weird medievil end of world way....

No beggers this month, but a crap load of drunks, crowds of em, now you see this is the problem with things relating to the moon it seems to trigger strange worldy events such as this.

Also worthy of note is the fact the burger van has a new menu, well its the same, but now its on a proper board with writing and everything! (However the fridge is now out of veiw)

Savvy ate crips, ReLoad ate peanuts thought I should put that in, i'm running out of things to write now...

The state of the website was discussed and its generally agreed it needs sorting, more content, easier to use and all that.
/* Editors note: Im sure you all gave me a good shoeing :-) Seriously tho, send me advice, content etc and I will do my best to improve the site.*/

Subjects discussed :

Virgin Vs. Sky
Vista 'TeH' hog
Top Up TV Vs. HTPC's
Size Of Harry Potters cock
Topman only sell suits to people going to court
ID Cards
Freedom & Data Protection Acts
Co/2 and its use in Plumbing
USB and its role in modern society.
Destruction of glass
Netgear throughput problems on Telewest
MAC Address's
Telewest 10 is 4

Random Quotes :

"I'm not sticking a Windows license sticker on MY Mac!"

"I'll ask the question you then give a answer its very simple"

"Bransons just a figure head"

"Branson just agrees to be your bitch"

"It was more letting someone else play with it than himself"

"He rediscovered his dick"

"Point, click, root!"

"Southern Webmasters are sh*t" "Down with Southerners!" /* Eds note: I'm still a brummie at heart!*/

"I accedently stumbled across a gimp suit"

"Drawing a huge cock on the BT tower"

"Got any new porn?" "What on my phone?" "Its like a trigger with you, someone says porn BAM your there" "GIMME PORN!"

"Why does EVERY Brum2600 meet revolve around some kind of sexual obsenity?"

"He's gettin lots of material outta me"

"Its HIS porn NOT mine!"

"We even have our own private door to the crapper!"

This report writting in Crimson Editor, quite nifty FREEWARE editor of all kinds of crap. does HTML, PHP, C, Perl, JAVA, worth a look...maybe?

DrF - See you next month.