May06 Meeting Report.
May 2006

There is a odd little sound file from the meet Here.

In attendance:

Binary Sheep
sneaky russian

Most of london:

Some random hot women

Night started with mild attendance at snow hill as most of the brum2600 gang turned up then a crowd of london 2600 turned up ready for drinks at the pub, probably disallusioned by the fact we didnt have a venue reserved and that there were so few of us.

We moved into the stock and moved a bunch of tables to accomodate, we were soon told that only 12 were allowed in the bay and therefore we moved again, putting the tables back. This gave us much more space as everyone in the pub seemed to move out of our way.

Talk of Dapper from bald ade occured who firstly got ubuntu out of hibernation then advised me that the only way to fix wifi is to dist-upgrade to dapper.

During this we were ambushed by about six girls (most of whom were very hot and wearing very little) they escorted members of brum and london 2600 outside for, as well described "a kissing game" of which the only photo that is available is one of them getting into the limo, hardly proof but we know it happened. Enyo was unimpressed that he was made to kiss one of the ugly women. And ross "ook one for the team" (again, Enyo was unimpressed he got thee hot girl).

London boys chatted about the birmingham anchor which they were apaprently very interested in and also the main reason of visiting brum2600 in the first place, unfortunatly re- (the expert was not in attendance)

Lon2600 discussed about their trip to the top of one of the brum buildings but further details of this are unknown to me.

Bluetooth to a pda does not work on o2 to connect to the interweb. Dns resolution, but not anything useful.


"I was going to ask them for a bitter shandy with an 'e' in it"
"is that a microsoft office in your pocket?" "no i'm hard"
"you should hear the acoustics on his crotch"