May07 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Report May 2007

In Attendance:-

Sneaky Russian
Adiboy (stoke)
Reverand Rat (London)
Balile (London)
Plonker (London)
Viper (London)
Lysis (London)
Vesalius (London)
Locust (London)
Zerooooo (London)
5 Others from London sadly too young to get into the pub.
Task (Derby)
Hans (Derby)

Well what a meet the largest in a while, all started by an invasion of London2600. Had we realised so many guests perhaps we could have organised the function room., we did however occupy the majority of the upstairs at the Old Joint Stock. The nature of the tables layout etc regretfully broke the group down into small groups so the report is mainly about what I heard, so apologies for missing anyone or anything.

Various bits of hardware and laptops were produced, regretfully the power to the upstairs sockets had been disconnected rendering most useless. A small discussion ensued on the joys of portable power. It was soon apparent however that an abundance of encrypted wireless networks were available, though of course no one tried to access them.

Our London guests were well equipped to communicate using PMR446 equipment which seemed to make more noise than sense but provided some fuel for further discussion, maintaining the ethos of radio so synonymous for a Brum meet.

Seeing that power was an issue, a discussion took place on should power be taken from light fitting and would anyone actually notice. It was soon apparent that they would as there was a rather enthusiastic glass collector who kept appearing and poking his nose in. After his first grumble about moving tables he shut upthankfully.

How we got onto talking about microwaves i’m not sure all I can say is that it transgressed into a discussion on how to manufacture and how to make a dish of death, perhaps this will be a project for MrK and Reverand Rat. Beware all low flying aircraft!

The usual CCTV, Helicopter images and how to watch the BBC outside broadcast system was discussed in great detail As was a quick discussion on using wireless hotspots with ones own DNS, such a turnaround in discussion can only be achieved at such a great meet. We moved on to discuss Roman mines in Bath seeing that we had mine and explosives experts on hand to advise.

A fag break was taken since the Old Joint Stock now banned smoking upstairs, how oh how will we survive 1st July when the total ban comes in!!

After returning to the group social engineering was discussed and how to get people to do things they wouldn’t normally do for you by altering the timeline, how simple but effective.

The Old Joint has many busts scattered around a discussion on one looking like an alien turned out to be Egyptian. This was further commented on about the sculls around the top of the room (at least they looked like sculls)

How we got onto the subject of water and Incas I’m not sure but it all seemed to stem from squares and circles in civilisation and use of this scarce resource in places like Australia..

Then came the usual weapons of mass destruction, and does still show 404 WMD errrm yes

We then discussed modern day HDD options and ram discs, nothing too exciting came from this and we moved swiftly on to DCMA a great regular at any meet and how the encryption key is illegal, and what happens if someone was to accidentally take a photo, does that count! How would the Blue-ray manufacturers react with a new key which could no doubt be broken again?

Wireless routers and their security came up again like an old chestnut, how it was possible to kick a legitimate user off.

Then it was the turn of Vista and DRM how it affected images of a legitimate service such as medical scans. The usual comments made and would this help get Linux into hospitals?

Speed cameras came in for a lashing as did a story of the one that someone had destroyed with acetylene. (Brum2600 does not condone any illegal activity). But it sure cheered people up.

Sneaky getting desperate for a fag then proceeded to light up under a table, well it worked as no one noticed, but not being brave the rest of us actually went downstairs for a break.

Sneaky Russian then showed the interested parties his video of how to make a laser picture from a couple of old HDD’s and how it had been posted on youtube. See a clip HERE

It was at this point that Reverand Rat produced his handcuffs genuine Met Police, and showed how a simple key could be made to open them.

It was getting late so we decided on finishing the night with a curry; we said our farewells to our London friends and adjourned to Milan’s restaurant where a fine curry was consumed.

Brum2600 would like to express it’s thanks to all visitors that attended and we look forward to welcoming you back in 6 months.

One day we promise we will be down to London for a meet.


Random: “Talking Bollocks”

MrK: The worrying thing is that’s a police notepad. “No it can’t be it doesn’t say write here.”

Random: “I’m no racist but”

Random: “C4 with ham (Guaranteed to make your ring sting)”

Random: “I haven’t got a problem with GOD I only have a problem with his fan club.”

This report complete with errors and omissions by Savvy.