Nov01 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Nov 2001

In attendance:

Tiger ;-)
(snowball) - left with booty after a few mins.

Location of brum2600.
We shall look into both hotel and university venues.

General Conversion.
'leet' (yes, is say that tongue-in-cheek) XP crash code:

/* Oh deary me */
for ( int x = 0; x <= 5; x++ ) {printf("\t\t\b\b\b");}

XP default certificate procedures - how it is split into
two different configurations, and if you wish to trust only
a few certification servers, you have to change them both
or certificates from the windows default list will be installed
with no warnings.

DeCSS and it's legality, what the recent ruling in LA
means (or doesn't mean) for deCSS.

Reload brought a home made low power, low cost low, low
tech (2 trans., a couple of resistors, etc) "surveilance device"
which we subsequently tested out by bugging the
disabled toilet. (Please: no emails, no-one went in except

He (reload "Without Prejudice") was also offering sound financial advice to
students amung our number.

AlDelarge brought up and interesting point during a small
discussion on theft of electricity. His point basically
followed this dialogue:

[There was a local case where a man was prosecuted for
"theft of electricity" after he buried a massive coil
in the end of his garden and powered his garden lights
off the induction from a very local radio/tv transmitter]

: But you could lay a counter claim to that -
you could say that their electricity was
trespassing on your land.

: muhahah!

: But seriously, think about it - who would have
to pay for the lead shielding around your garden?

: the council

: But then that would be obstruction of light.

: muhaha!

: And who would have to pay for the high-power
replacement artificial lighting?

: they would

: And what grows well under that kind of light?...

: muhahah!

Well, he had a point.......

Al also gave a brief talk on writing Linux x86 shellcode.

Also discussed was microwave video, 2.4gig for local council/private use and the telenav system used on the police helicopter. Check out the icom IC-R3 scanner heh

bambam was talking about the possibility of starting
a sheffield2600