Nov06 Meeting Report.
Nov 2006.

The Brum2600 group met more or less on time where the silver man used to be in Snow Hill station. The evening began with Reload attempting to incite teenage rebellion. A bunch of Emos/goths/misc subculture types had been illegally photographed by a security guard and Re helpfully pointed out not only this was illegal due to their age, but also the Data Protection Act meant all footage must be handover and deleted on request.

Present and incorrect for this and some of the remainder of the evening where:


Moving onto the pub a number of other issues where raised and mulled over.

The proposed DNA database, a scary proposition, even to the law abiding members. The police already have no legal requirement to delete a DNA sample, even (and this is the important part) YOU ARE INNOCENT,not guilty INNOCENT! It may be this is extended to include a majority of the population.

This lead on to a discussion of chemistry and how you just cant get the chemistry sets you could when you where a kid. Aah the memories of blowing shit up.

Security and privacy on the Internet is obviously a interest to us, and i think it was generally decided we don't have any.

At this point I lost interest, stopped making notes and shortly drifted off into the night. I'm sure the other Brum regulars has many insightful and interesting discussions, or maybe just went home to bed.

Choice quotes:

"So do you give a blowjob before commiting a crime"

"I've stopped reading your email"

A fun, interesting meet. See you all in December.