Oct03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Oct 2003

BrumCon III

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The Register - 'We have your water supply, and printers' - Brumcon report

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BrumCon III Return of The Fed Guy.

After months of waiting the third brumcon finally happened on 4th October 2003.

Big thanks must go to its organisers who did a fantastic job, the Britannia Hotel for providing a good venue and turning a blind eye to some of what went on and Finlay to this years Fed guys. Nice to have you lads.

I got in nice and early to help Re-load, Savvy and Zipser who had got up even earlier due to not been as lazy as me and not having to rely on the unpredictability of West Midlands travel. For the next few hours some familiar faces drifted in and helped out moving chairs and setting up the in room phone system. I decided now would be a good time to try my hand at the physical hack the flag. A HPUX box chained to a table was the challenge, whoever freed the box got to take it home. This is despite the slightly modified lock. Anyway it took me ages but I finally got the little bastard to open, during the course of the day one other did and someone had a damn good go. It was finally awarded to the gent who put the most effort in, (not me).

By about 12 the room had filled up a little bit and Reload kicked the day off with his talk on Telephony and wiretapping. The in-house phone system setup earlier came into play here. We (by we I mean Zipser and reload) had setup an exchange and a couple of phones at opposite corners of the room. In addition to giving a demonstration of wire tapping on our equipment he also covered the methods used by law enforcement when they want to tap your phone and the legal aspects of it. The methods for getting a tap goes a bit like this.

FED: "Id like a phone tap please"
Judge: "Why"
FED: "Because I think they are guilty"
Judge: "Ok why not track their car and violate their wife as well, and while your at it maybe we can get them to bend down and shaft them up the wrong-un."
FED: "Good idea, I'll see to it directly."

A quick break for lunch and a slightly increased attendance led neatly into Zipsers talk on Radio Telephony and the systems used in the control and monitoring of water supplies. Also included some interesting techniques for DOS and spoofing attacks against this particular infrastructure. There was also kit on show and a few demos where given.

Al De large was scheduled to be talking about this point but he was still stuck on a train somewhere south of brum. The schedule was quickly reorganised and I stepped up to give my talk on Encrypted File systems under Linux. I covered the two basic types and they issues surrounding them and encryption systems in general. I wasn't booed off and some intelligent questions where asked, so I hope it wasn't too bad.

Break for beer allowed us to make full use of the hotels happy hour (happy 5 hours really) and play with some of the toys on display.

By this time Al had turned up and was ready to give the talk of the day in the shape of "Al De Larges Multi-pack of Whoop-Ass".

And what a multi-pack it ranged from Cisco ACS and why its shit to Secure IIS and why its shit right through to HP printers and why they rock, nope only joking their shit too. As a finally the topic was 'Things that piss Al off' now no doubt this could include everything from virgin trains to Bambam. But his anger was largely directed at the fact that while Brum2600 has been running 5 years and is probably the largest/second largest in the country it still gets no coverage from the 'official' 2600 organisation. Not only will they not list us because we are on a Saturday, not a Friday they also give events like Brumcon no publicity.

After yet another beer break things moved swiftly on to Dr K and his talk 'Fuck computers lets Hack' Immersed in the folk-law and ideals of the hacker culture Dr K ran through ideas and concepts familiar to some and informative to others. The fact hackers can be anyone, not necessarily computer geeks. We are all driven by exploration and the quest for knowledge. All based around the fact that anyone who exploits and takes advantage of a rule based system, be it computers, music, science or politics may be considered a hacker. Dr K is also the author of a forthcoming book entitled 'Hacker Tales' which can be ordered from amazon.

Shit, I almost forgot arguably the most important event of the day. My memory is a little vague as to when Freaky Clown was interviewed but I know it was after my talk. For those of you who where not there, Freaky Clown was arrested in a completely farcical manor for a charge that doesn't even apply to what he is supposed to have done, with charges been brought about by a bankrupt business man who has disappeared along with the computers that are crucial to the case. It is hoped that when Freaky returns from bail later this month all charges will be dropped. Al was selling T shirts with all money going toward the legal fund. Theres still some left, email Re-Load/Al for more details.

The day ended with a panel in which the speakers of the day (and bambam) answered questions and gave opinions on a range of topics given by Al and the audience.

By this point the con could be considered over and many drifted off to catch trains home. The usual Brum2600 meeting continued long into the night gradual thinning, until a hardcore left the confines of the hotel bar in search of curry.

All in all a fantastic day with some outstanding talks and a great atmosphere. Hope everyone who came enjoyed it as much as I did or at least learn something. See you all next year.



Re-LoaD Set us up the phones
Savvy and Bambam on badge duty

Savvy soon has a production line
Power up systems ready

L-s-L sets up hack the flag
Hacking the Flag !

Conf :)

The Register - 'We have your water supply, and printers' - Brumcon report


Right its 0350Hrs and we are ready see you later today....Re-LoaD

OK Update 01-10-03

man this is hard work on a palm Vx my lappy is dead BOO to HP Pavillion :(

Right the Line up ::

1100am doors open
1200pm ReLoad - Legal Landline interception demonstration
1245pm Zipser - Water management systems using Packet Radio
1330pm LSL - Encrypted Filesystems under Linux
1415pm AlDeLarge - Al's Wh00pa$$ multipack
1500pm FreakyClown - Busted!
1545pm Dr K. - Fuck computers - Let's Hack!
1630pm Physical 'Hack the Flag' results & BrumCon Panel
1700pm Brum2600 - 'Pub Quiz of Doom' - CurryCon - StripperCon

Entrance confirmed at £5 for entry or £17.50 with T-shirt. T-Shirts are £15 if bought separately, available in M, L, XL and (limited) XXL sizes. T-Shirt profits go to FreakyClown Legal fund.

need a map click here



ATDT 0121 2785 266




BrumCon III - Return of the fed guy - 04/10/03 - Britannia Hotel, Birmingham

Entry from 11am Talks Start 12 noon.

BrumCon is a semi regular event organised by Brum2600 regulars, featuring a

wide variety of talks, discussion and most importantly, alcohol. (incorrectly
but neatly) dubbed a 'blackhat thinktank' by NTK we welcome all

kinds of phreaks, geeks and other technologically interested people from all

sides of the fence (as long as hats, badges and warrants are left at the door).

Talks Confirmed:

AlDeLarge - Al's Whoopass multipack

Using managed sarcasm services and Phreaking.org 'total security unawareness(tm)'

Al hopes to elevate raging bile duct levels within the talk to new heights in

order to establish synergy within the audience.

(Warning, may contain traces of nuts, extract of daily mail and exploit code)

ReLoad - Legal landline interception demonstration

This talk will identify the various requirements for landline based wiretaps

and will include a live demonstration of call interception. If time allows,

wireless beige boxing will be demonstrated. Kit *might* be on sale.

Zipser - Water management systems using packet radio...

Zipser's talk will provide a 'unique' insight into the world of water, and how

management systems (running on packet radio) work (or rather don't work) in the

real world.

LSL - Encrypted filesystems under Linux

There are many different encrypted filesystem solutions available for the

Linux operating system. A large amount of encrypted filesystems are 'out there'

but each has their own strengths and weaknesses, covered in this talk.

FreakyClown - Busted!

FreakyClown was arrested earlier this year under bizarre circumstances in what

appears to be a somewhat flimsy case. This interview with AlDeLarge will give

attendees a great deal of insight into how the prosecution system appears to

not only fail the accuser, but also the accused.

Dr. K - F*ck computers, let's hack!

Dr. K is the author of the closest thing to an 'official' alt.ph.uk hacking

book, and is currently researching his latest book, Hacker tales. Dr. K's

observations on hacking and hackers are somewhat humourous, though strangely


Talks Unconfirmed:

Special Guest - Evidence gathering in criminal prosecution proceedings

Our as yet unnamed special guest is currently planning on leaving the country

soon after Brumcon. They should hopefully still be able to make it, but will

probably provide a Q&A session on digital forensic investigations rather than

a straight talk. Our unnamed guest is one of the UK's few registered expert

witnesses in his field and has performed 'cuckoo's egg' type work for a

variety of companies.

Events Confirmed:

Talks - like, duh.

'Physical Hack the Flag' - A 'special' HP-UX system is up for grabs for anyone

who can pick ReLoad's modified lock connecting it to the table.

BrumCon Panel - A discussion panel made up of BrumCon speakers will debate/

argue/wrestle over a series of thought discussing topics such as what people

should be looking at now, and in 6 months time. It's like a cross between

Tomorrow's World, the Oxford debate, and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Paramedics will be on standby during the panel.

BrumCon 'Pub Quiz of Doom' - A pub-style quiz chaired by AlDeLarge, with his

lovely assistant Shade. Bribes are encouraged, as is general cheating. Prizes

will be given away to the winners.

StripperCon - A semi-organised trip to Spearmint Rhino is organise for any

discerning gentlemen (or gentlewomen) who wish to partake. Entry to the con

does NOT imply free dances at Spearmint!

CurryCon - After the Brum2600 meeting (that follows the con), those who aren't

interested in going to Spearmint are welcome to join us at a local curryhouse

for some of Birmingham's finest, if not edible curry.

There may or may not be a wireless network present - it may or may not be

operated by us. Either way, Brumcon staff do not condone any form of attack

against any networks accessible from the venue.


The entrance fee this year is 5 UK Pounds to cover the brumcon staff costs. If

we cover our costs this year, the excess will either go towards funding a

later brum2600 event (such as a brum2600 barbequeue) or (more likely)

Freakyclowns legal fund.

T-Shirts will be available this year in XL size, although orders can be taken

for other sizes at the con. All profits from T-Shirts will go to Freakyclowns

legal fund.

Getting There:

Birmingham, UK is serviced by Birmingham International Airport, is accessible

by a number of road routes and the conference venue is within easy reach of

Birmingham New Street train station - easily accessible from anywhere on the

Virgin trains rail network within the UK.


MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YO£"$!^!^%!%£$##


| |
| B R U M C O N A N N O U N C E M E N T |
| For latest news visit |
| http://brumcon.org |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| ReLoad has returned to his home planet |
| of Dudley in an attempt to rescue his |
| co-goon AlDeLarge from the clutches of |
| the fed 'That bloke from BrumCon II'. |
| |
| Little does ReLoad know that the HTCU |
| has secretly begun construction on a |
| new con tracking system even more |
| powerful than all the curries in Brum. |
| |
| When completed, this ultimate weapon |
| will spell certain doom for the small |
| band of hackers struggling to restore |
| freedom to the midlands... |
| |

]--- Intro

BrumCon is a semi-regular 1-day conference
organised by Brum2600 regulars. Expect
talks about hacking, phreaking, cool tech,
and a variety of other technological
'black arts'.

BrumCon III will be held on October 4th,
2003 at a secret location in Birmingham,
UK. Whilst BrumCon organisers neither
condone of participate in illegal activity
we do ask that you leave hats, egos and
badges at the door, wallets at the bar and
bums on seats with drink in hand.

RECORDED. People who break this rule will
be asked to leave.

]--- Events

BrumCon III has a series of events planned
split into two tracks:

Track 1

Track 2

The events for both tracks are outlined

We're still looking for speakers. If you
have an idea for a talk then please
contact crew@brumcon.org with an outline
of your talk. Currently, planned talks
include evidence collation in UK criminal
prosecutions, and a live legal wiretap

A round-table discussion will be organised
involving the speakers and the audience,
covering a series of thought-provoking (or
simply provoking) topics.

A quiz is planned, with a 'special' HP-UX
system as the first prize.

Brum2600 will follow the con. Everyone is
of course invited, and standard brum2600
rules apply (see http://brum2600.net for
further details).

A trip to Birmingham's Spearmint Rhino
dancing establishment is also organised
for discerning gentlemen (and gentlewomen)
who would like to unwind after the con.

At the end of Brum2600, or when everyone
is suitably drunk (whichever comes first)
one of Birmingham's finest Curry houses
will be visited/invaded.

]--- Registration

People are asked to register their
interest in attending by sending an
e-mail with the text "I'm interested" in
the subject line to attendee@brumcon.org.
Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but we
aim to keep it as low as possible to
cover our costs.

Press and employees of government
agencies are required to register
interest beforehand. Press will get
free entry and a suitable briefing on
etiquette before the con.

Government agency employees will still
have to pay, but registering will help
the BrumCon goons avoid any problems
that may arise.

]--- Call For Speakers

If you're interested in speaking at
BrumCon III then please contact us at
staff@brumcon.org or crew@brum2600.net
with details of your proposed talk. The
length of the talk will depend on the
number of speakers, but generally should
be between 30 minutes and an hour. If you
feel that you need an hour, talk to us
and we'll arrange something for you.

Topics of particular interest:


Topics to avoid:

Opinions/Subjective talks/Common
knowledge/Highly Complex advanced talks

(Including speakers) WILL BE REMOVED.

]--- Discussion
The Brum2600 mailing list is suitable
for discussing BrumCon - sign up at

There is also a dedicated BrumCon forum
at http://phreaking.org/ (registration
required to post). For updates on
BrumCon visit http://brumcon.org.

| |
| This has been an official |
| |
| B R U M C O N A N N O U N C E M E N T |
| |
| May the force be with you |


Any questions related to BrumCon should go to staff@brumcon.org or crew@brum2600.net


Brumcon III is going ahead the date
......October 4th 2003.
Updates will be posted on this page.

BrumCon is a semi-regular 1 day conference organised by brum2600 regulars, in a vain attempt to teach people things, whilst simultaneously getting progressively more drunk. Last year's brumcon (described as a 'blackhat thinktank' by NTK) had a good turnout, and some great talks. Whilst BrumCon does not condone illegal activity, we ask that you leave attitudes and egos at the door, your wallet at the bar, and your backside on your seat with drink in hand. We request that no pictures are taken inside the conference room, and that no talks are recorded.

After BrumCon, brum2600 will take over, and a trip to the pub. At the pub, we intend to hold some kind of quiz/drinking game/endurance test, with prizes.

BrumCon 3 will be held around October, 2003 at a new location which is to be disclosed at a later date. There is a forum where announcements are made concerning brumcon in advance of site updates, and usenet posts. To subscribe to the forum on phreaking.org, click this link - please note, post in 7-bit clean ASCII only. HTML/RTF posters will be removed from the list.

If the idea of a forum is a bit too much for you, periodically check the brumcon website at http://brumcon.org, or register your interest by sending an e-mail to attendee@brumcon.org with the text "I'm interested" in the subject line. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, if it can be cheaper than last time we'll go for it. Of course, the forum will know about it first.

BrumCon 3 requires speakers, if you want to talk at brumcon, please send an e-mail to staff@brumcon.org or crew@brum2600.net The length of the talk will depend on the number of speakers, but generally should be between 30 minutes and an hour. Talk to us and we'll arrange something for you.

Topics of particular interest:

Hacking/Security related talks Phreaking/Telephony related talks Wireless (Bluetooth, GSM, 802.11, Radio, Satellite) communications Cool stuff

Topics to avoid: Primers on subjects attendees are likely to already know, or where there's an abundance of material freely available (e.g how to install Linux) Subjective talks (Conspiracy theories, why X is better than Y etc) Talks requiring a base level of knowledge about the subject that some attendees simply won't have (e.g Solaris IP Stack internals, Advanced RealSecure) - unless it's really, really interesting