Sep02 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Sep 2002

In attendance:

Pink [late arrival],

Notable absenses were:

Agent (fuck knows)
Fizzy (in another country, fair enough)
AlDelarge (said he would come along, but got a little more than a little hammered in Australia, and then there were some hookers, and then he didn't know what was going on, then he'd lost his money, then he was naked, then he was home, and he only knows this from third parties. Tit)


Some of us met at the Station like we should but the others were already at the pub, lighting the bbq. Can't complain. By the time we got there, the bbq was going nicely and we got stuck in.

After talking lots and going for more food, and Lsl getting lost (tit), we moved inside.

Thanks to Re-Load, Zipser, and Savvy for being the core of the bbq ppl - it was delicious, a definate success and hopefully a recurring feature.


With September 11th 2002 coming up, our thoughts were with what might happen in the digital arena. We were basically all in agreement. Nothing. No more was said.

IPID, with recent advances (in the public domain at least (or maybe just on bugtraq)) in IP ID scanning, this made the conversation.

Many conversations were between just a couple or three people, so only the group conversations are listed here.

The security of the voicemail boxes of a group of people on a certain major UK cellular phone network came into question and inspired the evening's star quote (far below).

Thanks to all involved, especially thanks to the core barbeque development team, no thanks to those who didn't attend, and a vote of no confidence for the affore unmentioned phone company.


LsL was the star this evening, opening right up with:

[bambam walks into toilet early on in night to find LsL, availing himself of the urinals]
Lsl: [very matter-of-factly] would you like a drink?

bambam: bit of charcoal never hurt anyone.
Aq: It hurt a shit load of witches.

Savvy: [gesturing at his burger] Not quite as good as sex, but it'll do!

Zipser: [with regard to using the bbq] He was tackling me at the wrong angle.

The frankly flagrant gimpishness of this one is hard to contemplate:
Lsl: i've got a lot of porn.

++ STAR QUOTE ++++++++++++++++++++++

LsL: [holding mobile phone to his ear and with a look of a poor orphan boy wanting "more"]
reload, what's my pin?


To finish on a quote that sums up many meets:

MinusQ: [with reference to the voicemail "problems"] It's stuff like that that means there's always gonna be jobs for us.


Report 2 by L-s-L

report 1
report 2

Police everywhere, floresent yellow jackets and stab proof vests surrounding the station. A police van in the side street. Hmm I wondered as I approched Snowhill station had the boys in blue taken objection to us, was free speech now a crime in the UK (watch this space.) Luckly however it turned out they where simpley herding the drunken football fans home after the England/Portugul game. There only interferance with our routeen was preventing us from standing by the silver man, as we didnt have a ticket to allow us access to the station.

At this point I'd like to thank one of the aforementioned pissheads for giving me and DeanX his booze after he was banned from taking it on the train. Sitting outside the station DeanX, myself and the few early arivals started the night with a can.

The evening really begins in the small beer garden of the Darwin Pub where we hosted the 1st ever Brum2600 Beer and Barbeque night. A short visit to a nearby Tesco's provided us with food, the cooking of which was delayed due to me (with the food) getting lost whilst hurrying back to my pint. Luckely Bambam and Andy found me and escorted me back to the Darwin.


Myself (L-s-L)

Much Alcohol was consumed and thus some memorable quotes where ...erm...quoted. Sadly however the ones I wrote down are a bit of a mess so Bambams list may have some of the better ones.

DeanX: "Can I have a piece of hot charcol for my hot buns"
DeanX: "Im going to go if you dont have sex with me"
Zipser: "Trust me, I'm a software engineer"
L-s-L: "I use lynx, so I dont Yahoo"
L-s-L: (Whilst pissing up a wall) "Would you like a drink?"
L-s-L: "If its too sloppy use a different hole"
Re-load: "Hmm Tyger and Pink, ahh yeah....Four white baps..."
Aq: "Even Alan Coxs wife has a beard" (Aplologies Mrs Cox)
MinusQ: "What? Are you hording it all in case of a porn shortage!"
DeanX: "He asked me in the toilets."
Savvy: (reply to DeanX) "For a drink right?"
Aq: (Refering to a 2G Athlon) "Just get a 1000 486 Beowulf cluster"

Ive got loads more written down but I cant read them.

The night passed peacfuly in a sort of haze of booze and burgers but topics discussed involving myself included.... Home automation, its limitations and security issues. But mostly how cool it was, and how projects im invloved in will be instegated and developed. Anyone interested in linux based home automation can email me at the addy below.

As expected various new (and some not so new) sploits were discussed along with methods of prevention. BRUM2600 IS A FORUM FOR FREE INFORMATION EXCHANGE FOR MANY COMPUTER SECURITY RELATED SUBJECTS, BUT AT NO TIME IS ANYTHING ILLEGAL CARRIED OUT.

Lots of other stuff...... I think Savvy was educating certain new members about some stuff. The fact that 9/11 is approuching and the numerous ways in which the world changed on that day. The old favourates about our complete lack of personal freedoms and complete lack of privacy online and in our everyday life.

<*>The L-s-L Cipher Challenge<*>

Those of you who read the reports know last month I set a simple cipher puzzle in the body of the report offering one pint for the Brum2600 member who cracked it first. Zipser was duly awarded his prize. The Solution is below.

-__-_ = 01101 = m

----_ = 00001 = a

---__ = 00011 = c

---_- = 00010 = b

--_-_ = 00101 = e

_-_-- = 10100 = t

-_--- = 01000 = h

Macbeth. The response at the meet seemed favorable if more pints were on offer, so the ciphers will get harder relative to the number of pints on offer. This months problem is a 2 pinter.

So for the worthy prize of 2 pints solve: