Sep06 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Sept 2006

Present and (very) incorrect

Sneaky Russian
Binary Sheep
Dr F

Quotes of the night, really too many to count let only right down. The presence of certain Brum2600 members who shall remain nameless really leads to comments that may be better left unsaid.

"I like the new rampant rabbit.....the THRUSTER!"

"How olds your baby?"
---"hmm that's a good question"

"You're a very naughty boy"
---"I'm not a boy"
"Naughty man then"

"I want a virgin now!"

"I've got a quad Xeon, I've played Doom on it"

"I've been window shopping in the red light district"

Well I'm back, my first Brum2600 in a few months and it was good to see all the usual faces and catch up on whats going on. Unsurprisingly a big part of the nights discussion revolved around the forthcoming Brumcon conference, which will be going ahead next month. There are still spaces for speakers, so if anyone has an interesting topic that really should be shared with the world (Sneaky I'm looking at you!) please contact So you all don't forget, Brumcon 2006 - Attack of the phones" is


7th October 2006


Thistle Birmingham Edgbaston
225 Hagley Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham. B16 9RY

Promises to be a very good event, in the 6ish years Brumcon has been going ahead we have grown and are now the largest Hacker con in the UK offering a wide range of interesting talks and copious amounts of beer, and the entrance fee is still only 5, yes 5 inflation busting UK pounds.

As usually there where far too many discussions for me to get involved in, but a number of topics caused a stir, even amongst the jaded regulars.


Hmm keyword hell, google and you will find!

Freenet 0.7, I2P, bittorrent and the whole darknet concept was a reoccurring theme. All interesting technologies and possibly the future direction of (illegal) file-sharing on the Internet. Currently however the common consensus was they failed to offer sufficient plausible deny-ability due to the small number of available nodes.

2.4Ghz video transmission, mostly prompted by a nice view of the Pubs AV equipment, decidedly ownable and we must resist the temptation to play hackers etc on the projector....

Radio in general is shared interest by member of Brum and I know a number of discussions went on around producing kit and using it to do...stuff.

Geek spotting, from our hideout on the pubs mezzanine floor we couldn't help noticing another table full of geeky looking people sharing views of a mac laptop (no accounting for taste). The gentleman in the sandals, Simpson's tee shirt and ponytail confirmed these where no normal pub visitors. A quick discussion proved they where in fact the Birmingham Perl Mongers fresh from the Perl conf that had been held in Brum.

GCHQ was mentioned, if you weren't there, you don't need to know the context or the conversation :-)). Should any members of her maj's service be reading this, rest assured the usual Brum2600 disclaimer very much applies.

UPNP hacking, and why home router security is a f*cking joke.

Thats all from me, I'll hopefully see a lot of you next month at Brumcon VI.